Eitan Leibovitz
A famous inventor in the construction industry

[x_custom_headline level="h3" looks_like="h5" accent="false" class="page-subheading"]Contex Global Technology Experts[/x_custom_headline][x_text]Are established to bring innovations and solutions for safe construction to the construction sector. CONTEX is driven by the need for greater efficiency at work. Thus, the company initiates a change in the construction sector, and promotes it through innovations. The company developed three unique leading patented products, renowned all over the world, and sold in Israel and all around the world. The company, owned and led by Mr. Eitan Leibowitz – the inventor and mastermind behind it – relies on professional knowledge and skills accumulated during 50 years of construction work, frames and concrete. Mr. Leibowitz presents extraordinary solutions and innovative construction standards to the construction sector. Mr. Eitan Leibowitz creates ground breaking patents by his "out-of-the-box" thinking. He is considered a renowned inventor. Work managers, engineers and renowned experts in Israel and abroad, rely on his vast experience and knowledge and come to him requesting guidance and assistance. Among them are Prof. Yechiel Rosenfeld of the faculty of civil engineering, Dr. Refael Zachs, the manager of the Mechanics Institute, and many others. They all understand that in complex issues, Eitan is capable of consulting them due to a combination of unique skills and his diverse knowledge. Mr. Eitan Leibowitz started his career as the developer of the first solar water-heaters in Israel and worked with top-notch companies, like Meromit and Keren Or. While dealing with solar water-heaters, he invented his first patent, a filtration device for solar water-heaters. His occupation and expertise was frames, and for many years, he was responsible for fixing construction and tower cranes. He has been an active partner setting up a factory for prefabricated concrete walls using the U method, in Kenya. In Nigeria, he was helping and advising the construction of a concrete factory, managing the construction site. He was assisting and advising the service area designated to build 2,500 housing units.   [/x_text][x_custom_headline level="h3" looks_like="h5" accent="false" class="page-subheading"]CONTEX – Ideology:[/x_custom_headline][x_text]Our objective is to change the face of construction by developing products acquiring maximal safety for the field employees. We are here to provide the best possible solutions for the construction sector, in terms of safety and efficiency. Our products significantly shorten the work time, and minimize the costs of personnel and resources.