Innovative under the hook devices

flying arm

urpasses any barrier, any balcony, can reach the building from either side. All you need is to attach it to the crane cable, and everything shall be lifted at top speed.

magic bucket

The Magic Bucket changed the rules of the game. It is safe and durable, does not allow segregation. The Magic Bucket is recommended by the Israeli Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene.

Magic Arm

High buildings? No lift? No balconies? There’s nothing to it! The magic beam easily rises, connected to the crane cable, at any given moment, to a floor of your choice, the supplies will be there faster than you can imagine.

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“The use of the flying arm shorten our installation logistic time by almost in half
and we are very pleased with it”
Michel Michaelov from Aluton Aluminum

” Time is Money. whit the use of the Magic Arm we saved time, manpower, and use of heavy machinery”
Livio from Ortam -Malibu

“Costumers says: the use of magic bucket has save us precious time and money, Its very safe, fast and the concrete is in high quality”
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